Beauty Equipment

Beauty Equipment

For a great range of beauty equipment for salons including wax pots, warmers, steamers, hot towel cabinets, and magnifying lamps, you have arrived at the right place.

Beauty Electrical Equipment

When quality, the biggest range on offer, and the best value matters our treatment tables, beauty beds and massage tables are the right fit for spa and beauty treatments, body treatments, or massages services.

Various salon and spa services require towels to be warmed - and your customers will love it. At KSHE Salon Professional, we also stock sterilizers so you can be sure to sterilize all of the equipment you use. Various sizes are available too, so you can be sure to have all of the towels you need warm. 

KSHE Salon Professional has a fantastic selection of beauty electrical equipment at very affordable prices. Electrical equipment must be handy and integrate well within your salon’s overall design. Clients like being treated with cutting-edge equipment without the overwhelming sense of too much technology.

Our blend of style, comfort, and value has been trusted since 1985 and has made us one of the leading Salon furniture companies in Australia

We have the widest range selection
of high-quality beauty salon