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Divina.Pure Ammonia Free
Permanent Hair Colour

"Simply Natural, Technically Perfect, Totally Professional"

Divina.Pure is the ammonia-free permanent color line with powerful treatment properties that respects both hair and the environment.

Ammonia, fragrance, parabens, allergens and silicones have been eliminated from the formula to provide maximum comfort and respect for the hair. The secret? Oleo-K-Rich, designed exclusively for Divina.Pure.

Why Divina.Pure?

DIVINA.PURE, thanks to its formulation, offers your ingredient conscious clients a unique experience of beauty and well-being.

It’s been formulated to reduce the risk of developing allergy whilst still delivering color vibrancy, lastingness and coverage without compromise. So simple, it’s brilliant.

  • DIVINA.PURE is a coloring line with great treating properties for a nourished and conditioned hair.
  • Is a permanent hair color which offers optimum results according with Divina quality: 100% grey hair coverage, maximum durability and with a highlight power of three (3) shades.
  • Available in 39 beauty shades ranging from sophisticated blonde and brunette to bold black or daring red.
  • DIVINA.PURE leaves hair vibrant and full of vitality.

Especially Recommended for:

  • It's formula makes it ideal for all hair types.
  • People with a sensitive scalp, who have given up on coloring their hair because of the characteristic itching and stinging.
  • Committed people with respect for the environment.
  • People who are sensitive to ammonia and/or artificial fragrances.
  • Those who have never colored their hair.
  • Improving the coloring of overly porous hair.


The secret formula

DIVINA.PURE has been enriched with ÓLEO-K-RICH, a new active complex that acts deep down, thanks to the powerful cosmetic properties of its ingredients: natural extracts, oils carefully chosen for their function and properties, and a combination of direct pigments that maximize comfort during the colouring.

Concentrated liquid drop


Protects and strengthens hair
Silhouette of a woman with wavy hair


Hydration and smoothness
Half open nut

Brazil Nut

Extreme shine and nutrition

Certified Packaging:

PEFC certifications, which ensure that our materials come from managed forests in a responsible manner. Respectful packaging, at the forefront of fashion, seeking to be attractive, original and eco - sustainable.

No Superfluous Packaging
To minimize our impact on the environment, we chose to use only the minimum amount of packaging, avoiding excess.
  • Elegant, natural, extremely resistant to corrosion.
  • This is the perfect material for our tubes.
  • When aluminium is used for cosmetic packaging, it is internally protected so that contact with the contents is perfect.
  • The recycling of aluminium uses an amount of energy equivalent to only 5% of that used for its production from scratch.
  • It’s 100% recyclable and infinitely reusable.
Divina Pure Oleo K Certified

Discover the new and incredible shades of Divina.Pure

Divina Pure Ash Blonde Shade 9.1
Divina Pure Deep Garnet Red Shade 6.66
Divina Pure Light Chestnut Brown Shade 6.13
Divina Pure Light Mediterranean Sand Shade 7.23
Divina Pure Light Sandy Blonde Shade 8.13
Divina Pure Lightest Ash Shade 8.1
Divina Pure Lightest Sandy Blonde Shade 9.13
Divina Pure Platinum Blonde Shade 10
Divina Pure Very Light Coppery Brown Shade 7.40
Divina Pure Violet Shade 6.20
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