Up to 10 Levels Lighter
The new charcoal bleach paste with lightening power up to 10 levels creating the perfect blonde leaving hair healthy and hydrated.

Up to 10 Levels Lighter

The wow effect of the dark charcoal bleach paste vs the absolute blonde results. Progressive processing time to 40/45 minutes, up to 90 minutes because of the high quality ingredients. Can be used with a heat source to accelerate processing time.

Light Scale
Charcoal Sugar Complex
  • Charcoal Sugar Complex, a dual-action complex of sugars and charcoal.
  • The sugars work on the surface, in the cuticle, protecting and hydrating the hair throughout the lightening process.
  • The Charcoal, not only gives the bleaching paste its characteristic black colour, it also neutralises unwanted yellow/orange undertones whilst purifiying the hair.

  • The combination of the Charcoal Sugar Complex and the Blend of Natural Oils makes the formula gentler, leaving hair visibly healthy.
  • This progressive lightening formula allows processing 40/45 minutes up to 90 minutes exceeding the standard maximum processing time of normal bleaches.

It is widely used in skin care, but the properties of this totally eco-friendly active ingredient are also perfect for hair care.

Charcoal is a highly porous, odourless and tasteless powder, obtained by burning wood or the shells or stones of fruit.

Its purifying, cleansing, anti-smog and detoxifying properties make it highly versatile and effective in cosmetics.

The same active ingredient is used for whitening teeth and used in many whitening toothpastes.

Lightening Process

  • 1

    Massage the sachet every time you use the product to activate the blend of nourishing oils inside it.

  • 2

    Leave-in time 40-90 minutes. After 40/45 minutes, check the lightening level achieved by rinsing a strand of hair.

  • 3

    Use in a dilution ratio of 1:1.5/ 1:2 with 10-20-30 volume developer based on the fluidity desired and the result you want to achieve

  • 4

    If you need to achieve a higher degree of lightening, add a second application without rinsing the product off.

  • 5

    Once the leave-in time has finished, massage with a little water and rinse. Wash thorougly with a specific shampoo (Top Care Color After Color Care Acid Shampoo) to eliminate any residual traces of oil.

  • 6

    Do not apply the product on ultra-bleached tips to avoid the appearance of grey/iridescent light blue highlights. To prevent the bleaching paste from coming into contact with the tips, we recommend using Lisapex™ Hair Structure(*).

(*) Lisaplex™ recommends carrying out an accurate diagnosis before any colour removing service and not to use Lisaplex™ if a colour removing service has not been carried out without Lisaplex™.

Light up scale metter


Up to 9 levels of lightening
  • Thicker smooth consistency
  • Active bleach - faster lightening power up to 9 levels of lift
  • Perfect for freehand techniques, balayage, highlight and scalp applications
  • Suitable for use without foil, meche or wrap
  • Gentle on the hair and scalp
  • Violet pigment neutralises yellow tones from the hair
  • No swell formula and dust-free formula


Up to 7 levels of lightening
  • Fine smooth consistency
  • Progressive lightener for controlled and reliable lightening up to 7 levels
  • Ideal for highlighting and scalp applications
  • For natural and previously coloured hair
  • Gentle on the hair and scalp
  • Blue pigment neutralises yellow/orange tones from the hair
  • No swell formula and dust-free formula
CPR Fast Lift
Fast Lift 9 Available in Blue 500g |
Fast Lift 8 in White 500g

CPR Fast Lift

Power Lightener
Our New Formula Lifts Up to 9 Levels

Suitable for all hair types, natural or coloured, CPR Fast lift products are formulated with natural botanicals to protect the integrity of the hair while you lift. Suitable for any lightening technique, This dust-free formula mixes to a creamy, smooth consistency, stays moist and active for up to 3 hours, and does not swell in foils. Cuts through underlying pigment fast and effectively, CPR Fast lift is the perfect choice for better blondes.

CPR fast lift Advanced fast lifting technology lifts up to 8 and 9 levels, cutting through yellow, brassy and gold tones for fresh, clean blondes.

Natural Technology Quinoa Protein & Argan Oil leave the hair stronger & more conditioned throughout the lightening process.


Hybrid Lift
Bleach 500g
Up to 9 Levels
  • On Scalp
  • Foils
  • Balayage
  • Freehand

MUK Hybrid Ultra Lift Bleach powder is designed to produce clean and clear lightening result with up to 9 levels of lift whilst helping to maintain the health and integrity of the hair.

Superior results from all levels of natural and previously coloured hair.

**Do not use an additional heat source

muk hybrid ultra lift bleach
Hybrid Clay Bleach Converter


Hybrid Clay Bleach
Converter 500g

Converts bleach into a clay bleach, ideal for hair painting and close to scalp foil work. Designed to produce clean and clear lightening results with up to 9 levels of lift whilst helping to maintain the health and integrity of the hair.
Available in 500g

Cureplex Bond

Hi Lift
Cureplex Bond - Lift Bleach 500g

Taking your blondes to the next level of brilliance. Cureplex Bond-Lift revolutionises the hairdressing industry. This innovative breakthrough patended rebonding technology improves the hairs elasticity, building strength from within, minimising breakage and protecting hair like never before..

The first bleaching powder that protects and reconstructs. Suited for all lightening techniques, it can lift up to 9 shades and is suitable for on and off scalp bleaching applications.

Made In Italy/Professional Use Only.

Cureplex Bond Lift