Hair Colour

Options Perming System

ISO texture products are about freedom of choice, whether you want a long lasting wave or wave without the long term commitment! From Options 1-2-3 and Exo permanent waves, containing ISO's patented ISOmine technology, ISO offers you more options in texture than ever before.

But if waves are the last thing your client wants, ISO Maintamer offers a straightening system that tames the wave and frizz in a damage free solution. All ISO products are thio free, so hair is left softer, more natural feeling and in the best possible condition following any of our texture services. Plus there is less colour loss with ISO's thio free formulas.

NOTE: ISO texture products can only be purchased by registered hairdressers who have an active account with us. Please contact us for any enquiries regarding professional products or to open an account. You can then shop online with ease.

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Our Hair Colour Collections Are Exclusive To Registered Salon Professionals ONLY.

Please ensure your Company / Salon Name is provided on your order, otherwise, your order may be treated as non-professional and subject to cancellation.

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