In Salons today, with ever more intricate services on offer, the length of time spent sitting in salon equipment is increasing. In addition, the demands to offer improved customer comfort and relaxation mean that today's salon equipment has to function at a much higher level then ever before.

"Dare to be different - a sophisticated and elegant presence in your salon"


create warmth

Earth colours are one of the most satisfying colour groups to work with because they come together so harmoniously. Because these colours are all present in nature, they fit naturally with each other. In interior schemes, earth tones can be incredibly calming, making them excellent colour choices for relaxing spaces such as hairdressing salons and barbershops. The contemporary take on earth colours might lift influences from the 1970s, but the desired effect is more eco-chic than retro.

Simple Yet Sleek

When we say the word sleek to mind come simple and minimalist designs with neutral or simple colour schemes. The beauty of these subtle interiors will take you by surprise as soon as you see them. Their elegance will never go out of style, and your salon will never be out of fashion.

Retro Inspired

The term “retro” is frequently used to refer to things in the past, regardless of the period. A modern-retro design theme is the infusion of past and present design elements. The retro-inspired interior design has transformed over the years. It also varies per culture and personal taste.

Retro interior design is an eclectic mix of old styles and new forms or new forms with old materials and finishes. Any era can be tapped into here, with the 50s, 60s and 70s the most common. It embraces a kaleidoscope of contrasting design features, colours, shapes and forms.

Yet Minimalistic

Minimalism doesn’t have to mean choosing simple, boring, or inexpensive furniture and accessories. Simply meaning ‘less is more’, minimalism can help focus your salon on your desired mood or theme.

At the end of the day, breathe is the décor that perfectly blends minimalism and sophistication. It brings together the precise combination of forms and colours, textiles and textures, lights and sounds to give you that rare moment of simple and uncluttered calm.

Black Experience

Black as a neutral will help hide things you don’t want to bring attention to, as if it’s hiding in plain sight. Sometimes, you’ll see the colour and not even register that it is there. Because of this, it makes a great backdrop for other colours and textures. But do not think that is all it is good for. The black colour trend can be classic, bold and dramatic, too!