Hairdressing Equipment

Workstations and mirrors

The biggest range and best value salon mirrors and workstations are designed to create a sophisticated and elegant presence in your salon.

Styling Stations

Are you looking for salon mirror stations that are both functional and stylish? We have a wide selection of styling stations that are available in many different colours, styles, and sizes to ensure that you’ll find the perfect fit for your salon. All our styling stations are high-quality choices made to stand the test of time as you grow and expand your business.

Styling units accommodate a big workspace for stylists. It's an area where clients spend most of their time. Therefore its ambiance can make all the difference in their impression. The perfect workstation needs to look nice, but also serve its functional purpose. It is an essential piece that must keep both your staff and your customers happy. Best station pieces combine functionality, simplicity, and refinement.

Our blend of style, comfort, and value has been trusted since 1985 and has made us one of the leading Salon furniture companies in Australia