Hairdressing Equipment

Hairdressing Trolleys

We have the biggest range and best value hairdressing trolleys. Create a much better mobile workstation to work or store your salon supplies.

Salon Trolleys

Make it easy to have the supplies you need no matter what station you are at. Our wide range of trolleys will help your salon to be more managed and tidy. These are available in varieties featuring removable drawers, different shapes and colours, and fancy designs. Of course, they are multi-purpose and can navigate from one corner to the other at your convenience.

KSHE Salon Professional salon trolley selection includes a wide range of portable stations from simple to elegant designs in a variety of different colours. Our salon trolley carts are designed for beauticians, cosmetologists, hairdressers, and stylists. Keep them stocked for various services so you can rollover the one you need!

Our blend of style, comfort, and value has been trusted since 1985 and has made us one of the leading Salon furniture companies in Australia