Ultimate Organic Rescue

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Key Factors

  • Line addressing specific hydration, nutrition and density needs for extreme hair rescue.
  • High cosmetic products.
  • Formulated with organic oils.
  • Free of Sulphates parabens,colorants and allergens.
  • Eco hair care

Learn how to get the best results from this revolutionary hair care line.

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Environmental Commitment

The oils used in the formulation have been cultivated in an artisanal way, not using artificial fertilizers and through a totally ecological cultivation.

What advantages does it have?

  • Maximum preservation of quality techniques are used to eliminate toxic products
  • More nutrients. The organic oil contains more nutritious principles than that coming from conventional operations.
  • Lower energy costs.Are not used products with high energy consumption or chemicals, so that neither water nor soil is contaminated.
  • Ecological benefits promotes responsible and sustainable use of natural resources.
Organic Oils 100% Natural
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Our Selection of Organic Oils:

  • Safflower
    Safflower: Rich in plant acids, Vitamin E and Omega-6 fatty acids. Its great restructuring properties help strengthen and stimulate hair growth.
  • St. John's Wort
    St. John's Wort: St. John’s wort oil contains hyperoside, tannins and peptins that have a balsamic action on the scalp. Provides body, energy and shine.
  • Linseed
    Linseed: Linseed oil is very rich in Omega 3 and is known for its softening and restructuring properties. Potent antioxidant, moisturizing and regenerating action.
  • Jojoba
    Jojoba: Both moisturizes and regulates oily scalp, which gives it properties that protect against hair loss caused by excess oily.
  • Baobab
    Baobab: Great antioxidant action, fighting against premature aging of the hair and skin. Protects the hair, giving it extra shine.
  • Babassu
    Babassu: With a formula very rich in fatty acids and sterols, it has excellent emollient properties, which are very beneficial for both dry and oily hair, since they nourish, hydrate and soften it deep down, without any oily sensation.
  • Sesame
    Sesame: Helps control hair dryness, thanks to its moisturizing properties; also rich in vitamins and minerals. Its emollient effect protects and softens the scalp.
Capilo Quino Moelle Nutritive Silk Plus  Hydro-lipidic lotion


Nutritive Silk Plus

Hydro-Lipidic Lotion
  • Formulated for hair that is dry or sensitised and lacking in hydro-lipids such as coloured, bleached, chemically treated hair.
  • Ideal for hair that is difficult to detangle.
  • Softens fragile, brittle hair.
  • Works from the inside, strengthening and regenerating the capillary structure.
  • Gives heat protection against hairdryers and irons.
  • Hydro-lipidic action produces amino acids, boosting the formation of young, healthy cells that ensure softness, restoration and capillary protection.
  • Hair becomes internally restored, hydrated and manageable.
  • Provides exceptional shine and softness.

Sulphate Free, Paraben Free, Silicon Free!

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