Bring curls to life

NEW! CPR Curly Solutions

CPR Bring Curls To Life

Over the last two years, the CPR team worked with curly women from all over Australia, perfecting their formulas and ensuring these 5 products could perform throughout the diverse Australian climate. CPR Curly Solutions has been carefully formulated to enhance and embrace naturally curly hair to hold the personality and individuality of curls. CPR Curly Solutions range is Curly Girl Method Compliant, has been tested with curly woman all over Australia and scientifically proven.

Finally a very clever curl range that is scientifically proven and designed to embrace naturally curly hair!

Formulated with Organic Australian Macadamia Oil & Organic South American Quinoa Protein, the CPR Curly Solution enhances your natural curls leaving them perfectly defined, shiny, bouncy, and feeling weightless.

CPR Curly Solutions range is Curly Girl Method compliant, has been tested with curly woman all over Australia and scientifically proven!

Developed, tested and manufactured right here in Sydney, CPR is an Australian owned and operated hair care company with over 57 years of expertise in making products for hairdressers and their clients. When setting out to create their new curly range, they wanted to make the best products you could find worldwide for all types of curly hair.

No matter what your curl type or texture of hair, we’re sure you are going to love the new CPR curly range!

Made With

Organic Australian

Macadamia Oil

Rejuvenate and protect your beautiful curls
Macadamia Oil is a rich botanical source of the rare anti-aging ingredient, palmitic acid, which promotes the production of sebum. This omega-7 fatty acid helps to replenish the scalp’s natural oils protecting it from humidity without feeling greasy, ultimately keeping your curly hair frizz-free and nourished with a natural luxurious shine. Macadamia Oil also strengthens and nourishes the hair follicles, helping to fight off hair loss and prevent hair from becoming brittle.

Organic South American

Quinoa Protein

Nourish, hydrate and soften your curls
Quinoa (pronounced keen-WAH) is a sustainably sourced plant-based protein that contains seventeen amino acids, including all eight essential amino acids. Quinoa protein helps curly hair to look and feel smoother and silkier by forming a protective barrier, sealing in moisture and repairing damage. Rich in vitamins and minerals, Quinoa Protein gently nourishes, keeping curls hydrated, soft and manageable, for healthier looking hair. 

Hydrate, soften and embrace your curls

Cleanse hair with Bounce Back Sulphate Free Shampoo, taking care not to matt the hair together. Gently blot dry hair then apply Soft Touch Conditioning Treatment liberally through mid-lengths and ends. Then apply a smaller amount to the roots, gently detangling hair with fingers. Leave in for 3 to 5 minutes before rinsing. If your curls are thick & coarse, try using Soft Touch on dampened hair, prior to shampooing to soften and detangle knots. For a full treatment effect: Soft Touch Conditioning Treatment can be left on your curls for up to 30 minutes.