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E-smooth Organic Solutions for Hair is a professional in salon hair smoothing system that combines science and organic ingredients to create hair that is smooth and easy to manage.

The inclusion of wild crafted organic ingredients, amino acids, ceramides and hyaluronic acid help to give strength, shine and hydration.
Resulting in frizz free hair that is easy to manage.

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Range of E-Smooth Products

Organic Solutions For Hair

E-Smooth will remove frizz, leaving you with softness, shine and strengthening it with the best organic ingredients. E-Smooth is perfect for all hair types that desire soft silky easy to manage result.

Try e-smooth and have the results you’ve always wanted. Our treatments are performed by professionals in salons.

Put yourself in the hands of your best stylist and ask them to pamper you with E-Smooth Organic Solutions.

  • With wild-crafted organic ingredients to pamper your hair with nourishing oils and extracts
  • Natural ingredients including fruit extracts, Tamarind, Apple, Sugar Cane Milk with Hyaluronic Acid and Ceramides for added moisture
  • O% Formaldyhde, Formol Releasers, Carboncysteine, Parabens and all nasties
  • A unique blend of 3 organic acids to create smooth, manageable, hydrated hair
  • 1 formula and strength, also available with violet pigment
  • Smoothing shampoo that will straighten/smooth hair in JUST ONE STEP

Clarify Cleansing Shampoo

A delicate shampoo, suitable for all hair types, to prepare the hair by gently opening the hair cuticle and removing excess products and hair impurities, to allow a better penetration of the treatment.

Smoothing Emulsion - Violet And Normal Formula (Professional Use Only)

For in salon service only.

Straighten and smooth in just one step. Composed of a mixture of organic acids and natural proteins that act on the bonds of keratin chains in the hair fibre. With a heat source, the results will be smooth, silky hair with controlled frizz. A unique blend of three organic acids to create smooth, manageable, hydrated hair.

Fruit extracts including tamarind, apple, sugar cane and milk with the addition of Hyaluronic acid and ceramides – with a very low molecular weight and silk.

Bathe Smoothing Shampoo

Shine, silkiness and ease of styling is achieved naturally and safely.

A perfect combination of plant-based active ingredients with cleansing properties that are non-aggressive to the hair. Suitable for dry or chemically-treated hair.

Its moisturising and repairing properties provide the hair with an excellent result, contributing to the reduction of frizz , and creating smoother and more vibrant hair. Reduced split ends and with imp moisture levels, hair will be restored to a more manageable form.

Paraben and Sulfate free.

Restore Smoothing Conditioner

Shine, silkiness and ease of styling is achieved naturally and safely.

A deep moisturising conditioner that can retain hair moisture to achieve a perfect result for healthy hair.

Its active ingredients ensure an ultimate performance, due to the ability to moisturise, close cuticles, provide shine, reduce frizz and reduce tangles. Regular usage ensures smooth, voluminous and silky hair.

Seal Repairing Serum

Seal Repairing Serum with wild crafted organic ingredients to pamper your hair with nourishing oils and extracts. High in extracts and natural plant oils, seal and enables easy and fast moisturisation and repair.

Helps to fulfill the space between the cells of cuticles, preventing the penetration of aggressive substances. Reduces the formation of split ends and contributes to voluminous, shining, silky and healthy hair.

Tame Smoothing Cream

Tame Smoothing Cream with wild crafted organic ingredients to pamper your hair with nourishing oils and extracts.

Silk-refined cream. 100% natural ingredients including daffodil, jojoba, argan, green tea and ceramides to lock in moisture.

Nourish and moisturise the hair giving extraordinary silkiness and shine without weighing down your hair without excessive weight. Especially for fine hair, obtaining the same benefits of applying Seal Repairing Serum allowing more volume and texture while styling.

Before And After

  • Comparison of a girl who have a afro hair before and straight hair after
  • Comparison of a blonde woman who have a dry hair before and healthy hair after
  • Comparison of a woman who have a wavy hair before and healthy straight hair after
  • Comparison of a woman who have a unhealthy hair before and healthy straight hair after


Do i need to blow wave my hair after the service?
You will notice that you will be able to achieve a smoother, silkier result in less than half the time. Your hair will remain frizz free in moist weather and light rain.
What makes E-smooth different to other products?
E-smooth uses natural acids and organic ingredients, without formaldehyde or ammonia, without harmful chemicals for the organism, both for the stylist and for our customers. With e-smooth it is possible to have a soft hair with shine and smoothing results.
When can I colour my hair?
Hair can be coloured on the same day - before or after. Your stylist will advise you on the best scenario.
How does straightening occur if it has no formol?

The E-smooth Smoothing Emulsion is a result of exhaustive research and development which allows us to straighten/smooth hair without harmful components. The fusion of 4 organic acids enables a perfect straightening/smoothing intended to treat the hair throughout the entire process.

Those organic acids are glycolic acid, lactic acid, malic acid and tartaric acid. The acids accelerate the penetration and the natural oxidation of the cystine bonds existing in the keratin proteins, resulting in an easier maintenance of the hair, as well as in an easier and more effective straightening.

Is there any hidden chemical component?
Not at all! E-smooth Smoothing Emulsion is 100% free of formol, parabens or any other chemical component that releases formol upon contact with heat. Safety is our priority!
Can I wash or put my hair up after straightening?
You can wash your hair, put it up, swim right after straightening, without the risk of impairing the effects of the e-smooth Smoothing Emulsion Shampoo Treatment. Hair can be coloured immediately after the service.
Is it compatible with styling?
Yes, it is. In case you need to perform a styling, you just need to ensure that you do it after straightening process.
Is it recommended during pregnancy, for lactating women and/or children?
There are no relevant side effects. However, in case of pregnancy or lactating women, it is recommended to seek medical advice. It is recommended for children over 12 years old.
Is it effective on afro hair?
Yes, it is. Considering the nature of afro hair, e-smooth Smoothing Emulsion Shampoo Treatment requires a longer “setting “ time (up to 50 minutes), as well as more passes of the iron. Your stylist will know how to achieve the best result for your hair type.