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With products for all hair types, E-line will help you achieve healthy and shiny hair; curly hair, straight hair, blond, grey. All have an answer in E-line. Contains natural extracts such as bamboo, macadamia or amber to give your hair an extra boost of vitamins and nutrition.

The E-line Intense Colour family is growing to include two new colour toning products.

E-line Blonde Spray + e-line Grey Spray

E-line intense grey and blonde spray

e-line Grey Spray

e-line Grey Spray

Moisturizing and protective spray for white and grey hair.

Revitalizes the cold and metallic reflections. Formulated with corrective pigments, it prevents color deterioration and corrects the yellowish tendency of this type of hair.

e-line Blonde Spray

e-line Blonde Spray

Moisturizing and protective spray for blonde hair.

Formulated with corrective pigments, it prevents colour deterioration and corrects unwanted reflections of this type of hair, whether natural or coloured.

e-line Grey Spray

Intense Colour Line

Protection and care for colour-treated hair, enhancing the quality and making the colour last longer

Goji extract: It’s an antioxidant and scalp-stimulating properties make it a necessary element to protect and prolong the long hair colour. Photoprotective properties.
Shikakai Extract: Its antioxidant, dermo-stimulating properties makes Shikaki a necessary ally to protect your hair colour, making it last longer.

Protection + Vitality + Hydration + Colour fixing + Antioxidant properties

Coloured hair