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Australian made, natural hair care. The perfect combination of botanical ingredients and professional results. Solution based products for all hair types.
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Product Ranges

  • KurlyKidz

    Kurly Kidz

  • Hair Loss Treatment

    Hair Loss Treatments

  • Hair and Lash Growth

    Hair and Lash Growth

  • Curly Girl Method

    Curly Girl Method

  • Volume & Thickness

    Thickness & Volume

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  • Anti Frizz

    Anti Frizz

  • Moisture & Repair

    Moisture & Repair

  • Oily or Itchy Scalp

    Oily or Itchy Scalp

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    Hair Masks

  • Eco Coconut Brushes

    Eco Coconut Brushes

  • Pump Mulberry Silk Collection

    Pump Mulberry Silk Collection



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    Style and Protect

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  • Man by Pump

    Man by Pump

Kurly Kidz

Pump sugarcane tube

Less knots, more curls!

Pump Kurly Kidz products are uniquely formulated to be low fragrance, gentle and safe for kids of all ages. Designed to enhance curls and deeply nourish and detangle, for all curly hair types and textures.

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Hair & Lash Growth

Pump Mermaid Hair Growth Vitamins

Our Hair & Lash Growth is formulated with strengthening, active botanical ingredients to support and encourage healthy hair growth.

Hair growth products prompt your hair to grow by stimulating hair follicles and supporting healthy circulation in the scalp while our lash and brow serum help you to have darker, longer and thicker lashes and even eyebrows.

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Curly Girl Method

"If you were blessed with curly hair, you may have gone through life feeling like it is more of a curse. Most curly girls go through the gruelling process of chemical straightening at least once in their lives. Sacrificing a fried scalp for silky, straight tresses in a way of life for many women with naturally curly hair. Don't worry curly girls, I have the perfect products, just for you!"

- Natasha Jay, Creator and Founder

Tash hairdrying a customer

Tash's Story

When I was 19 years old after months and months of pain, I was diagnosed with endometriosis. The relief of knowing what was wrong with me was short lived after realising that the hair loss I was experiencing was a direct symptom of the disease. My hair was half the thickness it was before. Being a hairdresser, this was a struggle. I needed to style my hair everyday and with such thin hair that was hard to do. I tried so many different hair products that claimed more hair growth, thicker hair, more volume and nothing worked.I changed my diet and was eating so healthy but I knew I was still putting so many chemicals on my scalp and this had to change!