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Vitamin Recharge

VITAMIN RECHARGE is a great contribution of vitamins, biotin and panthenol to the scalp and hair. Each of the active ingredients enhances the strength of the product.

This collection will become your essential allied line of beauty and care. Made up of unique formulas that are not only Cruelty-Free, but also free of sulphates, parabens, silicones, allergens, synthetic dyes, alcohol, phthalates, and polycyclic musks, and all are Vegan Hair Products whilst nourishing the hair with nutrients and vitamins known to improve hair health.

Each product in this range becomes an experience - Smells, Textures, and Amazing results.

Curly Girl Method
Eco Hair Care
Vegan Friendly

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  • Vitamin Recharge Blonde Co

    Vitamin Recharge.Blonde & Co.

  • Vitamin Recharge Hero

    Vitamin Recharge.Hero

  • Vitamin Recharge Twist

    Vitamin Recharge.Twist

  • Basin Sizes

    Basin Sizes

Vitamin Recharge Blonde & Co.

Format: 100ml | 500ml

RECHARGE."Blonde & co."

Vitamin cleansing balsam: For blonde, grey and/or bleached hair.

The secret of its formula is in its assets. With 88% natural ingredients, Vitamin Recharge Blonde&co gently cleanses and helps to normalize the scalp, even dry and irritated ones. A recharge of vitamins and pigments of natural origin that reduce the yellowing of this type of hair. It is enriched with flower extracts that confer toning properties, achieving revitalized and incredibly bright hair.

With extract of lavender, rosemary, violet and chamomile.

Vitamin Recharge The Original

Format: 1 Litre | 500ml | 100ml

RECHARGE.The Original

Vitamin-rich cleansing balm (The evolution of shampoo)

Gently cleanses the hair and helps regulates the scalp, even when dry and irritated. An extra boost of vitamins and active ingredients specifically chosen to revitalize hair giving it incredible shine. Enriched with olive oil for extra nutrition and hydration.

Vitamin Recharge The Original meets the most selective of hair needs.

Balanced formula: Its neutral pH makes it a therapy suitable for all hair types, but especially colour-treated hair and sensitive scalps and hair.

Vitamin Recharge Orange

Format: 1 Litre | 500ml | 100ml


Vitamin-enriched formula

Gently cleanses the hair and helps normalize the scalp, even when greasy. An Extra boost of vitamins and active ingredients specifically chosen to revitalize hair giving it incredible shine. Enriched with bitter orange extract for extra softness and volume.

Balanced Formula: Its neutral pH makes it a therapy suitable for all hair types.

Vitamin Recharge Detox & Co.

Format: 1 Litre | 500ml | 100ml

RECHARGE."Detox & Co."

Prevents particle deposition + anti-pollution barrier = Super Protection

Specifically formulated to achieve a Detox + Anti-pollution double action. It purifies the hair and helps normalize the scalp.

The contribution of polysaccharides obtained by biotechnology prevents the incrustation of particles and creates an anti-pollution barrier, offering 76% more protection against free radicals.

The hair is revitalized and looks incredibly luminous.

Vegan Friendly
Curly Girl Method
Vitamin Recharge Hero


Repairing vitamin mask

Vegan-friendly / Suitable for Curly Method

Vitamin Recharge Hero is a nourishing repairing air mask, specially designed for dry, dehydrated and/or damaged hair. Helps strengthen the hair by wrapping it in a protective veil that intensely repairs it, thanks to the exquisite, moisturising, nourishing properties of the coconut oil and vitamins in its formulation, which are exclusive to the Vitamin.Recharge line.

Restores optimal softness and hydration to the hair, removing frizz and adding shine.

Achieves easy-to-comb, bouncy, shiny, soft and frizz-free hair.

Format: 1 Litre | 250ml | 10ml

Vitamin Recharge Oh Lala

Format: 500ml | 250ml | 10ml


Multi-action jelly & hair fibre protector


  • Curly, straight and frizzy, short, long, colour-treated, bleached or permanently straightened hair, afros and more. In other words, for any hair type. 
  • Does not weigh the hair down or make it greasy. Contains no holding agents.


  • An easy-to-apply liquid jelly texture that is quick to extend, dry and absorb. 
  • May be used with other finishing products.
Vegan Friendly
Curly Girl Method
Vitamin Recharge twist


Curl-defining gel

Vegan-friendly / Suitable for Curly Method

Vitamin. Recharge Twist is a sublime gel texture treatment that defines and enhances curls. Designed to create long-lasting, defined and volume-controlled curls. Its formula makes it ideal for wavy and curly hair; packed with vitamins, it has incredible moisturising and protective properties. Formulated with Mint and Goji Berry extracts. Intensely moisturises, shapes curls and controls frizz.

Creates a natural look without overloading or weighing down the hair.

Achieves defined and bouncy curls, leaving hair shiny, soft and frizz-free.

Format: 500ml | 250ml | 10ml

Vitamin Recharge Butter

Format: 300ml


Nourishing hair butter

Vitamin Recharge Butter is an extra nourishing hair butter, particularly suitable for dry, curly or afro hair; with antioxidant, restructuring and protective properties, thanks to Shea butter and argan and avocado plant oils. Restores optimal softness and hydration to the hair, removing frizz and adding shine. 

Achieves easy-to comb, elastic, shiny, soft and protected hair, as well as normalising the skin of the scalp.

Vitamin Recharge Beach

Format: 250ml


Sea Salt Hair Spray

It’s a combination of sea salt, vitamins and minerals that are designed to recreate the coveted effect that seawater has on hair (beautiful, slightly wavy hair).

Its formula provides extra thickness, giving the hair the appearance of greater density. A must-have for texturizing and styling

The combination of vitamins and panthenol helps protect the hair from the natural drying caused by sea salt.

Hydrate your curls with
Vitamin Recharge!

Now available in Basin Sizes!

The Original 1L | Orange 1L | Detox & Co. 1L |
Oh la la 500ml | Hero 1L | Twist 500ml

Vitamin Recharge basin sizes