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Eco Lab Style Project

The Eco Lab Style Project is an adventurous brand of exceptional quality hair products created to be high performance yet simple to use.
Fashionable, ethical and trustworthy.
Your Future is Flawless.

The Eco Lab Style Project invokes a sense of fun, fashion, playful creativity & individuality whilst encouraging a heartfelt respect for the environment we live in.

There’s a focus on the future with constant research for safer ingredients yet there’s an attachment to the past with a commitment not to leave a footprint.

Eco Lab creates no-nonsense products that empower everyday people to express their own style and feel great about it!

Always Interesting, Never Boring & Consistently Trustworthy.

Never before seen...
Certified Organic
BioMass Hairspray!

This is a new innovation in hairspray technology!

This lightweight, humidity-resistant formula provides a firm hold for any hair type. Ideal for creating and maintaining hairstyles that look and feel stylish & natural.

STYLIST ALERT: Can be re-worked & perfect for up-styling!
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