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HeadBed Training Video

Head and Neck Support for Hair Salon Sinks

HeadBed is a patented head and neck support cushion. The specially designed sink cushion is small enough to support the head and neck but also not interfere with hairdressers completing their tasks at the washbasin. HeadBed will add another experience to the overall visit to the hairdressers with extra comfort, care and safety at the salon sink.

It’s not just clients who have fallen in love with the new HeadBed but hairdressers alike. Hairdressers are beginning to report nearly zero customer complaints on the issue of discomfort at the salon sink. HeadBed also eliminates water leakage, keeping customers dry and comfortable and makes colour removal easier.

“Whilst conducting extensive research over the years, the number one complaint I heard was ‘the discomfort and pain associated with leaning back in the salon sink’ so I solved it" says Catherine Randabel, Inventor of the HeadBed.

Endorsed by the hairdressing elite as one of the most significant advancements in customer comfort for decades.
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