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Salon Furniture Main View for Julia Shampoo Chair

Julia Shampoo Chair


Julia Shampoo Chair


  • High-Quality Chrome Arms
  • Springback Recline
  • 5 STAR gas lift chrome base


  • Width: 60cm
  • Depth: 60cm
  • Height/Min: 40cm
  • Height/Max: 52cm

Simple Installation/Assembly:

  • Make sure to open carton without the aid of sharp tools as they may damage the product inside.
  • Put the chair base on the floor and place the chair on top.
  • Chair should wedge together onto the tapered tube.
All upholstery needs some care; good housekeeping will help to prolong the life of any upholstered products:
  • Avoid extreme temperatures. Extreme cold can make your vinyl prone to cracking, while extreme heat can cause permanent stretching.
  • Avoid exposing your products to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time.
Cleaning Instructions:
  • Clean regularly (weekly) to remove body oils which cause hardening.
  • To clean use a sponge which has been moistened in warm soapy water.
  • After cleaning with a sponge, dry with a soft, clean cloth.
  • Stubborn grime may require gentle scrubbing with a soft brush.
  • We recommend Arco cleaner for the best results.
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