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Divina.One Hair Colour

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Divina.One 12 Collection

Product Name Price Qty
Divina.One 12.0 100ml
Divina.One 12.02 100ml
Divina.One 12.16 100ml
Divina.One 12.07 100ml
Divina.One 12.11 100ml
Divina.One 12.17 100ml

Divina.One 12 Collection

The first colouration with a superior hydration power: 

  • Take advantage of the most advanced formula with Chroma-Tech, Collagen and Castanha do Brasil’s oil and the newest technology: UCS.2
  • Deep colour and hydration injection, with one step
  • Even enlightening and controlled oxidation
  • Maximum penetration and colour retention
  • Maximum grey hair coverage
  • Radiant and shiny colour results
  • Optimal colour service in only one date 

Step into Divina.One universe 


Natural-looking essential tonalities and a multifunctional use with perfect grey hair coverage.

They can offer you:

  • Maximum uniformity
  • Maximum naturalness
  • Dazzling shine 

Divina.One Ultra Blondes shades:

  • 12.0 Ultra Natural Blonde
  • 12.02 Iridescent Ultra Blonde
  • 12.16 Ultra Super Beige Blonde
  • 12.07 Ultra Natural Beige Blonde
  • 12.11 Ultra Super Ash Blonde
  • 12.17 Ultra Silver Ash Blonde